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BCARE USA INC – BCARE International  is a IRS recognized 501C3 Public Charity based in NYC NY & Canton OH USA,. since 2011. BCARE is also registered in Quebec, Canada. BCARE is Bapuji Center for AIDS Research & Education, a subsidiary non profit NGO based in Kuppam, AP India, 12 A registered (BIC 117 of 2003). BCARE USA INC has a Spl. Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC!


Montreal To Munich 8th- 21st 2024

TB RIDE 2024

Montreal To Munich

AIDS RIDE Initative
Global Bike Riders Advocacy For SDGS
(A Network Of BCARE International)

The ensuing events are geared END AIDS/TB! The AIDS RIDE 2024 encompasses Montreal or Toronto, Kuppam, AP India, Dubai, New York City & Munich at the 25th International AIDS Conference, Munich”. For participation, collaboration and support email us: secretariat@bcareinternational.org

Our first AIDS RIDE 2008 was the longest bicycle ride entered by the LIMCA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS of 4600 km on 52 days including eight program days that reached and sensitized around 10,000 people across Canada, USA and Mexico. AIDS RIDE increased from two in 2008 to 350 in 2014. The AIDS RIDE 2008, 2010, 2012 & 2014 bicycle rides proved to be a successful multi sectoral initiative of BCARE creating ripple effects globally whilst connecting the 16th-17th, 17th-18th,18th-19th and 19th 20th, 20th and 21st International AIDS Conferences. So far BCARE International & partners have accomplished in sensitizing 60,000 people across the 5 continents and 9 nations covering almost 16000 km and affiliated with past 6 biggest International AIDS Conferences. AIDS RIDE 2024 Montreal to Munich is gearing up NOW! 

Your Access to Care is Unquestionable

The importance of specialized care, delivered with empathy and sensitivity, cannot be overstated. Along the path to wellness, you might encounter various hurdles, but our team of specialists, including clinicians, therapists, doctors, and other healthcare providers, is dedicated to addressing your needs. From regular health assessments, individual therapy sessions, support for mental health and gender identity, family healthcare, assistance with adoption, to transgender medical services and beyond, we’re committed to providing the necessary resources and support to help you flourish. We aim to dismantle the obstacles to a healthier life you might face, regardless of your financial situation, age, or current health condition.

Comprehensive Care

Our approach to the community is one of compassion, dignity, and equity. Through offering a diverse array of services tailored to meet your specific requirements thoughtfully, we ensure the healthcare you require is within reach.

Primary Healthcare

Your health and wellness are at the core of our services. Our team of primary healthcare providers and registered nurses are dedicated to actively participating in your healthcare journey.


Our team, rich in diversity, recognizes the vital role that honor and esteem play in healthcare, fostering an environment where you feel at ease, supported, and appreciated.


We embrace and honor the unique aspects of your identity, mirrored by the varied composition of our team. Reflecting the multifaceted nature of your community, we are diverse in ethnicity, viewpoint, language, experience, history, and identity. United in our dedication to your wellbeing, we strive towards building a community grounded in equality for everyone.

Discover our offerings and find out how you fit in with us.


Awareness Our initiatives aim to illuminate the significance of recognizing and valuing diversity within healthcare.


The testing itself is carried out by trained healthcare professionals using rapid tests that can provide results within minutes.

Rural Health Camps

Delve into our rural health camps and uncover the myriad ways we cater to your wellbeing. These camps are tailored to bridge .

Advocacy Programs

Our advocacy programs are designed to champion your rights and needs within the healthcare system for every wellbeing.

Counselling & case

Delve into our personalized counseling and comprehensive case management services, designed to support you on your journey.

B'care Education

BCare Education is designed to welcome you into a world where learning and belonging intersect in every prospect of health & Wellness.

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Joining as a volunteer with us invites you to become a pivotal part of a community that values growth, support, and belonging.

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By choosing to donate, you’re not just giving funds; you’re actively participating in a movement that  education and support.

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Join us as a partner in BCare  and be part of a transformative journey that stretches beyond conventional learning.

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AIDS RIDE 2024 Montreal to Munich
Explore Our Upcoming Global Events for Advocacy & Community mobilization!
(soon to be affiliated with AIDS 2024)

July 2024

This year marks a pivotal moment as we gather once again for the much-anticipated AIDS Ride 2024. 

July 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or looking for a meaningful way to make a difference, 

July 2024

Every turn of your pedals propels us closer to a cure, funding cutting-edge research that saves lives.

21st July

our participation helps offer crucial services to those living with HIV/AIDS, from healthcare to housing assistance.

July 2024

Every turn of your pedals propels us closer to a cure, funding cutting-edge research that saves lives.

July 2024

Every turn of your pedals propels us closer to a cure, funding cutting-edge research that saves lives.

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