AIDS RIDE is a continuity in connectivity of International AIDS Conferences such that the PROMISES made at pne International AIDS Conference is being fulfilled by the other! This is bicycle marathon of muitistake holder initiative of BCARE with HIGH IMPACT global advocacy and community mobilization for treatment, care and support of PLHIVs! AIDS RIDE is a global movement for HEALTH RIGHTS that started at AIDS 2006 TORONTO.

History & Legacy : Our past geographic bike ride connections such as AIDS RIDE 2008, AIDS RIDE 2010, AIDS RIDE 2012, AIDS RIDE 2014 & AIDS RIDE 2016 were good testimonies for BCARE’s continuity in connectivity, commitment and success! BCARE International, along with its KEY partners like SHOW ME YOUR NUMBER, CWF, DMSC, Kolkata Rista created ripple effects globally and connected the 16th-17th, 17th-18th, 18th-19th, 19th -20th & 20th-21st International AIDS Conferences.

Aims and Objectives: BCARE’s AIDS RIDE is a powerful advocacy tool for the community mobilization at all levels for AIDS FREE GENERATION! The aim was to create an environment, free from stigma and discrimination faced by people living with HIV, so that they could access the services, without fear or prejudice protect and promote human rights, to live a life of dignity and more specially specifically to embody in our actions the theme of the 23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020) San Francisco!